Ferchrissakes, where the skidoodle is Adobe font management!?

I really don’t understand why operating systems and even professional software like Adobe Creative Suite don’t even really allow for font management? I mean, as a graphic designer, I probably have 800+ fonts in my User/Library/Fonts folder… not to mention the zillion other fonts that I keep on my backup drive… and ferchrissakes… that list in Illustrator is a complete and utter jumbleflux!

Now, I’m aware that there are programs out there that allow you to better organize your fonts, but they don’t really alter the way that things display inside Illustrator itself. It seems to arbitrarily dump certain fonts into weird sub-tiers, for seemingly no reason… I think that they need to build into Adobe CS products a universal font manager. Something that allows you to group fonts according to categories and also has a “favorites” list… that keeps track of the 10 most tinkered with fonts in your font collection. Does that sound like to much to ask? I think not.

In this incredibly inventive and forward-thinking time… Adobe needs to step up to the plate, stop futzing around with much-despised and crash-prone projects like Adobe Bridge, sit down with their customers and listen to their feedback, and finally do something about some of the glaring problems with their products.

Am I crazy for thinking that Adobe’s font management is sorely lacking?

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Ferchrissakes, my default position.

Does anyone else find it weird that Word Press, by default, has a blog entry and comment already created? Seems kind of strange to me… but I guess it takes almost no effort to change it. Oh well, whatever, right?

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